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To provide a simple way to specify electronic hardware & fastener requirements

After you have used our pictorial index to identify the particular interest, you can use our on-line digital catalog to define your needs, by completing three steps:

Firstly, select the base part from the grid. This will define the default values for primary dimensions for base parts. If the part you need is slightly different from a base part (e.g. you need different dimension(s), different tolerance(s) or desire a metric size/thread) select the part with the closest dimensions. Before you request a quote, you will be given the opportunity to specify your particular requirements.

Secondly, you will be required to specify dimensions that are not a part of the base part, together with other required parameters, such as materials or finishes. In some cases there may be optional values. Note: In many cases the column heading can be clicked to give you more information about the implications of particular selections.

Thirdly, you will be prompted to request a quotation. At this time we will need to know your precise delivery requirements. You will be able to print the RFQ and fax it, or send it electronically (if you have e-mail on your computer system). You will also have the opportunity to specify any particular requirements, such as different tolerances or metric threads. We will get back to you promptly with any questions and a quote.

At this point, you will also be afforded the opportunity to download custom CAD drawings.

A particular digital catalog page may include links to related information, such as installation instructions, associated tools or notes on the product usage and recommended parameter values.

We manufacture a vast range of custom electronic hardware according to precise specifications. This interactive site leads you through a simple process to help you decide which options are best suit for your application. Once we have guided through a three step process to build our part number, you will be able to request a quote. Since the price depends upon many real-time factors, such as the quantity ordered, delivery requirements and machine job schedules, it is not possible to provide real-time quotes on this web site.