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Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority

To ensure that your visit to our web site is a consistently enjoyable experience we have reviewed and designed the site with the different browsers, operating systems and available free downloads that exist in today's marketplace in mind. Based on this research, we ask you to refer to the following minimum specifications that will provide you with optimum interaction, consistency and support for the ASM web site.

Minimum Internet Connection Speed: 128 KB DSL

Windows Internet browsers: Internet Explorer 6.0 or later; Firefox 3.0 or later

3-D CAD Rendering requires a Windows Operating System and Internet Explorer 6.0 or later:
Mac Internet browsers: Firefox 3.0.3 or later (Since Internet Explorer 5.5 does not display pages with cascading style sheets correctly, we do not support this browser)

Movies: Optimized for Quick Time 5