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SELF-LOCKING: ASM offers the broadest range of top quality self-locking fasteners available today for both military and commercial applications. ASM is your QPL APPROVED SOURCE for Patch fasteners which meet or exceed the requirements of Specifications MIL-F-18240, IFI 124 and IFI 524. Call or write for quotations.

PELLET: ASM Pellet is a special, tough Nylon plug, inserted into a drilled hole, which makes any threaded fastener selflocking and self-sealing while leaving it fully adjustable. Its high internal strength and resiliency text resist,deformation after repeated use. RECOMMENDED FOR ALL MATERIALS INCLUDING PLASTICS (NYLON, ETC.)

EPOXY: Epoxy is a powerful locking/sealing adhesive which outperforms most nylon locking elements in first-off torque evaluations. Though Epoxy is dry to the touch, the forces of engagement crush the surface skin, mix the separate epoxy components and initiate a chemical reaction. Within minutes of assembly the nut cannot be removed without a wrench. Curing continues for 72 hours. RECOMMENDED FOR ALL MATERIALS INCLUDING PLASTICS (NYLON, ETC.)

EXTERNAL PATCH or INTERNAL PATCH (for #6-32 & larger): (Slight over spray may be evident on face.) Yellow Patch processes make threaded fasteners of all sizes and configurations self-locking and self-sealing, while leaving them fully adjustable. Yellow Patch is completely dry and fused to the fastener, requiring no curing time after installation. Its internal strength and resiliency remain high, even after continual re-use. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PLASTICS (NYLON, ETC OR ALUMINUM). RECOMMENDED FOR METAL ONLY.

STRIP: Strip is a tough bar of Nylon, inserted into a milled slot in a threaded fastener, which makes it self-locking and self-sealing. Ideal for military and commercial fasteners. Strip performs well in both high and low temperature extremes. Its compressibility, resiliency and strength allow repeated removals or adjustments. Excellent for use in non-metallic material; i.e. nylon, teflon, etc. RECOMMENDED FOR ALL MATERIALS INCLUDING PLASTICS (NYLON, ETC.)

EXTREME OR INTERNAL EXTREME VIBRATION: Extreme Vibration makes any threaded fastener self-locking and self-sealing, even under extreme vibration conditions. However, coated parts can be easily adjusted, removed and reused - again and again. Extreme Vibration dries to the touch in seconds and is ready for assembly in a few minutes. It can be factory-applied or supplied in a small do-it-yourself containers. RECOMMENDED FOR ALL MATERIALS INCLUDING PLASTICS (NYLON, ETC.)

PLASTISOL: Plastisol provides a positive seal that eliminates leaks. In contrast, O-rings and nylon washers are difficult to seat properly, tear, lose integrity when nicked or cut, and inherently offer a leak path due to their shape. Plastisol fasteners are easy to seat and retain continuity while offering a less expensive alternative to conventional fasteners sealing methods. RECOMMENDED FOR ALL MATERIALS INCLUDING PLASTICS (NYLON, ETC.) SUGGESTED PELLET DIAMETERS FOR THREAD SIZES INDICATED (Bolts, Screws & Set Screws) Threaded