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Machined Products

AluminumAQQ-A225/3D 2011-T3
BrassBASTM - B - 16 -92, Alloy-UNS-No. C360002
Temper - HO2 - half hard QQ-B-626D-ALLOY 360,
Temper - half hard
Copper- TelluriumCASTM-B-301-96, Alloy-C14500 Temper-HO2- half hard
DelrinDASTM‐D‐4181‐97, Natural, Long term service, temperature 200ºF UL ‐ 94 HB, Virgin Grade.
FibreFASTM‐D‐710‐97 UL97HB Maximum Service temperature 230º F.
Glass EpoxyGEMIL‐1‐24768/27 ‐(GEE‐F) 25 Feb. 92. G10 UL 94 VE‐0
Kel-FKFMIL-P-46036, ASTM-D-1430-95. TYPE I Grade I, Class B,C. UL 94 VE - 0
*Nylon Virgin GradeNLP-410-Natural 6/6, ASTM-D-4066-96A Natural. Service temperature 210ºF UL 94HB, Polyamides (Nylon)
Phenolic - PaperPHMIL-I-24768/11-92 FBG Service temperature 285ºF UL-94 HB
Phenolic - LinenPHLMIL-I-24768/13-92 FBE Service temperature 265ºF UL-94 HB
A.B.S.PAA.B.S. ASTM-D-4673-96-Natural, Service temperature 160ºF UL-94 HB
LexanLPolycarbonate (Lexan) ASTM-D-3935-94-PC, 110 B34720. Continuous usage temperature 250ºF U -94 V-2
P.V.C.PPP.V.C. round only L.P. 1036 Service temperature 140ºF
UL-94 VO Tolerances: 1/2 Diameter and under +.010, -.000 over 1/2 diameter + .020, -.000
Rulon - Standard GradeAROperating temperature range -400º to 550ºF Color - maroon, non-flammable UL -94 V0
+Stainless SteelSSASTM-A581, 582-95b, (non-magnetic) 303 Series, Condition A. For Socket Head Cap Screws ASME/ANSI B18.3-1998 ASTM-F-837
SteelSASTM-A-108-93 (12L14), QQ-S-637
TeflonTVirgin Rod - ASTM-D-1710-91A, Type I, Grade I, Class A Continuous service temperature 500ºF UL 94 VO, Virgin Grade
ULTEM 1,000
ULASTM-D-5205-96, PEI-0113 Recommended for high heat applications to 340ºF, UL 94 VO
VespelVEMIL-P-46112, service temperature 500ºF, UL 94 VO

Stamped Products

AluminumQQ-A250/1F thru QQ-A250/29A ASTM-B-209-93, AMS 4037
BrassASTM-B-36-91 AEL, AMS-4505
Phosphate BronzeASTM B-103, AMS-4510
Beryllium CopperASTM B-194, AMS-4532
CopperASTM-B-152-97A, AMS-4500
DelrinASTM-D-4181-97, Natural, Long term service, Temperature 200ºF UL-94 HB
FiberASTM-D-710-97 UL 94HB Maximum service temperature 230ºF
Glass Melamine-G5MIL-I-24768/8-92 GSG Maximum recommended continuous operating temperature of 465ºF UL 94 VO
Glass Silicone-G7MIL-I-24768/17-92 GSG Maximum recommended continuous operating temperature of 465ºF UL-94 VO
Glass Epoxy-G10MIL-I-24768/27-(GEE-F) 25 Feb.92 UL 94 VE-O
Kel-FASTM-D-1430-95 AMS 3650 UL 94 VE-0
*NylonLP-410-Natural 6/6, ASTM-D-4066-96A Natural. Service temperature 210ºF UL 94 HB
Phenolic - PaperMIL-I-24768/11-92 FBG Service temperature 285ºF UL-94HB
Phenolic LinenMIL - I-24768/13 92 FBE Service temperature 265ºF UL-94 HB
A.B.SASTM-D-4673-96-Natural Service temperature 160ºF UL-94 HB
LexanASTM-D-3935-94-PC 110, B34720 continuous usage temp. 250ºF UL-94 V-2
PlasticLP-535-E, ASTM-D-1784-97
Stainless Steel18-8PH (302-304 series)
Spring SteelQQ-S-700, ASTM-A-684, AMS5120
TeflonASTM-D-3293, ASTM-D-1710-96, Type I, Grade I, Class A UL 94 VO
ULTEM 1,000
ASTM-D-5205-96, PEI-0113 UL 94 VO

*LP/410 Self extinguishing, melting point degrees Fº 480, Deformation under load 122ºF with 2,000 PSI.

** Machine Screws low carbon-1010, Socket Head Machine Screws 4037-RC39/45

*** ULTEM 1000 Polyethermide is a high heat and flame resistant polymer with low smoke properties specifically designed by General Electric.
Available in Round Only.

+ Stainless Steel type A-286 excellent service up to 1300ºF requiring high strength and good corrosion resistance.

Flame Resistance: Exceptional flame resistance with a limiting oxygen index and low NBS smoke evolution make ULTEM 1000 polyethermide ideal for interior components in aircraft, bus, and other vehicles where such properties are required.

Properties: High heat resistance; Exceptional flame retardance - U.L. V-O rated; Low smoke; High dielectric strength; Low dissipation factor over wide frequency range; Stable dielectric constant over varying temperatures and frequencies; Outstanding mechanical properties; Broad chemical resistance; Excellent machinability; Transparent.

Non-Metallic Materials

Approximate Values
 DelrinVulcan-ized RubberGlass Epoxy G10Glass Mela-mine G9Glass Silicone G7Kel F
Dielectric Strength v/mil (short time)400-465150-260400350350-400630
Dielectric Constant @1000 kc3.74-75.47-64.72.4
Power FactorA 1000 kc.03-.08.015.08
Tensile Strength(psi)10,0006,000-12,00035,00037,00018,000-23,0004600-5700
Shear Strength (psi)11,000-15,00019,00017,0005800
Compressive Strength (psi)18,00020,000-30,00055,000 (flat)65,000 (flat)46,00032,000-80,000
Elongation (%)30150
Flexural Strength (psi)14,00012,000-20,00080,000 (flat)85,000 (flat) 20,000-25,0005200
Modulus of Elasticity (psi)380,000750,0002,200,0002,300,0001,200,000150,000
Specific Gravity1.421.0-
Thermal Conductivity (btu/hr/sq.ft/ºF).
Specific Heat (btu/lb/ºF).3720.22
Resistance to Continuous Heat (ºF)212212280300460390
Water Absorption (%).1216-
 Neo-prene*Nylon Pure(1)Nylon Moly-Sulfide (M)Phenolic LE**TeflonPolyethylene UHMW
Dielectric Strength v/mil (short time)-3853582228460KV/CM-900
Dielectric Constant @1000 kc-3.4--2.02.3
Power Factor @1000 kc-.04-5.2<.0005@50HZ<.0002
Tensile Strength(psi)160010,50012,30010,000-14,00018003,100
Shear Strength (psi)-9,600-11,000-15,000-6,300
Compressive Strength (psi)-13,000-37,000 (Flat)1700-
Elongation (%)30080.8-150-110300 Molded
Flexural Strength (psi)-13,80018,00020,000 (flat)--
Modulus of Elasticity (psi)-400,000675,0001,000,00058,000-
Hardness50-70 SDHR115R115M11350-70 SDH73ºRC4
Specific Gravity1. - .936
Thermal Conductivity (btu/hr/sq.ft/ºF)-.14-.17.152.9
Specific Heat (btu/lb/ºF)-.4-.4.25@68ºF - 0.99
Resistance to Continuous Heat (ºF)178300400250600-22ºF to 180ºF
Water Absorption (%)-º- NIL

* Nylon - UL Rating 94V-2 **Teflon - Non-flammable

Metallic Materials

Typical Approximate Values
 Aluminum 2011-T3 Federal Spec QQ-A-225/3DBeryllium Copper AnnealedBeryllium Copper Heat TrtdBrass (HOH)Copper
Tensile Strength(psi)68,00070,000180,00070,00034,000
Shear Strength(psi)41,000--3600023000
Modules of Elasticity(psi)10,600,00019,000,00019,000,00015,000,00017,000,000
HardnessRB75RB78R15N-78-81RB7745 Brinell
Specific Gravity2.778.268.268.468.90
Melting Point ºF11801600-18001600-18001660-17151949-1981
Electrical conductivity(% of Copper)30172226100
Thermal Conductivity(BTU/hr/ft2/ºF/ft)70686870222
Coef. of Thermal Expansion(in/inºF)(106)
Specific Heat(BTU/lb/ºF).
 Phos.Bronze(SpringTemp.)Solder(60-40)Steel(12L14)Spring Steel(Heat Trtd)Stainless Steel(303)
Tensile Strength(psi)100,0006,40078,000194,00090,000
Shear Strength(psi)-5,70045,000-67,000
Modules of Elasticity(psi)16,000,000-30,000,00030,000,00028,000,000
HardnessRB9515 BrinellaRB63R15N-B2.5-84.5RB90
Specific Gravity8.868.867.857.857.90
Melting Point ºF1920362-374276527652600-2680
Electrical conductivity(% of Copper)151212102.4
Thermal Conductivity(BTU/hr/ft2/ºF/ft)4028342910
Coef. of Thermal Expansion(in/inºF)(106)9.912.
Specific Heat(BTU/lb/ºF).

NOTE: Information listed above was obtained from charts of various manufacturers and is intended for comparison of materials only. ASM assumes no obligation or liability in using the above material or product for a specific application.